May 18th, 2007


The cannibal Amazon women are just a pretext for the glowing pterodactyls

Somewhere recently, Ellen Datlow said that most (or maybe it was just many) short story writers have a career span of 4-7 years, because they tend either to disappear entirely or transition to novels. I could be misquoting her (sorry, Ellen!), but I think that was the gist of it. I know my short story production has rather drastically declined since I started focusing on novels about a year and a half ago, and I started publishing shorts in pro markets around 2001 or so, so I think I'm due to fade away now.

So, if you ever liked my short stories, I'd like to say to you good-bye now.

Or else, since I finished the first draft of the Norse novel this week, maybe I could spend the next couple of months trying to bang out a few short stories.

I think I'll do that.

I'm going to get started on that right now.


I think cryptozoologist Ivan Mackerle has crafted for himself a very interesting life, even if he's never found a cryptid.

Reports have surfaced of Amazonian cannibals there, he says. “Women walking naked through the jungle with spears.” In order to repopulate, Mackerle adds, “Sometimes they grab men from villages. … Then the men are ritually killed and eaten.”

A military officer from Jakarta has investigated the reports but failed to find any Amazons. It’s likely a myth, Mackerle says with a youthful snicker. “But it’s very good for the newspaper, a good story with all the sex and nudity.”

The Amazons are a pretext, anyway. There’s another reason Mackerle is going to Papua New Guinea: Unconfirmed reports of pterodactyls soaring through the jungle’s canopy. Their skin is fluorescent, they say; as the dinosaurs whisper through the air at night, they glow.

Follow-up to oh-noes-will-I-ever-write-another-story entry

I am not yet disappeared as a writer of stories that are shorter than novels, as award-trending superwriter Tim Pratt has bought my story "Hermod's Ride" for Flytrap #8!

This is prancing yayness in my feet now, plus my gums feel nice!

My gums always feel nice after a sale, I say by way of explanation.

I was in the first issue of Flytrap, you know, back when you could still mail oddly-shaped things for the price of a toaster waffle.

Bitter bitter oh GOD am I bitter!

Congratulations to the Phoenix Suns for a great season and a gritty performance in the face of adversity, i.e., the NBA's decision to suspend Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw in Game 5 of the Western Conference semi-finals for standing and walking a few feet away from the bench after Robert "Cheap Shot Rob" Horry drove Steve Nash into the scorers table when it was clear that San Antonio couldn't win the game, not to mention Bruce Bowen's usual dirty play and extra-special knee to Nash's groin.

But rules are rules, right? The Suns players left the bench, and it's the letter of the law that's important, not the spirit. Or, as NBA offishit Stu Jackson said, "It is not a matter of fairness, it's a matter of correctness."

San Antonio Spurs Sterns = 1
Fans of Entertaining Basketball = 0