Greg van Eekhout (gregvaneekhout) wrote,
Greg van Eekhout

Readercon: Myth, Midrash, and Misappropriation

Here's a Readercon panel description:

Friday July 15
4:00 PM
Myth, Midrash, and Misappropriation
Panelists: K. Tempest Bradford (leader), Marilyn “Mattie” Brahen, Jack M. Haringa, Claude Lalumire, Kaaron Warren.

From Walter M. Miller and James Blish to Neil Gaiman, S.J. Day, and Greg Van Eekhout, writers have created fiction that draws inspiration from the characters, images, and stories of well-known religions. Of Victor Pelevin’s Sacred Book of the Werewolf, Janet Chui wrote, “Now I know what a Buddhist modern fantasy novel looks like,” and Kaaron Warren has said her debut horror novel, Slights, was inspired by pictures in a Hare Krishna text. What are the appeals and challenges of creating fiction from a religious source? Are there dangers of appropriation? Can adaptation start to look like fanfic? How do authors incorporate their own ideas and modernize ancient texts without offending readers of the faith?

Kinda wish I were gonna be there for that. OR DO I??????
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